On False Leaders, False Security, Manipulations in High Places, Power, and The Dawn of Reckoning


“warnings of such impending demise will always be there, tugging and pulling for recognition, but will always be ignored in the euphoria of the false security or false pleasure temporarily afforded by the selfish machinations to stay in power, maintain affluence, score vengeance, or political advantage…..” Continue reading

YULETIDE – A Season of Love and Celebration

YULETIDE  (Christmas) A Season of Love and Celebration —————————————– In the hearts of many, gladness is rich, As many call on all to share with them Their joy and tales of adventure, Through the year so encountered. In many places,… Continue reading

To Love or To Hate

picture credit - photographer unknown

To Love or To Hate (We See In Others The Likeness of Us) —————————- There’s nothing to hate but hate itself There’s nothing to fear but fear itself Perhaps nothing to judge but prejudice, Yet there’s always love to conquer… Continue reading

Letter To Our Ancestors

Ancestor - Mbamara Duruojinkeyaeme Ekejiuba

Reply To Mother Africa; A Letter To Our Ancestors ———————————– Dear Mother Africa, and you Ancient Ones, Thank you dearly and greatly for writing again, To ask after us, your beloved children. Truly Mother, since you and the Ancestors left,… Continue reading

Fatherland My Motherland

Fatherland My Motherland (From the Nigerian Within) ———————————— And yes we are called the Nigerians Though differed in tribe and tongue, Yet, in loving strength and faith united, With war in the past and strife at present, We hold strongly… Continue reading