Time And The Germination of Seed


Solitary plant on a rock

Pic by Enoch Feroten

Time And The Germination of Seed

“Nothing can stop the germination of a seed whose time to sprout has come…”

Like the beautiful vibrant plant that sprouts
Amidst the company of surrounding rocks,
Ideas, dreams, and visions can manifest
Amidst the greatest threats of challenges,

When we have planted and nurtured the right ideas
And have brought the best practical efforts to be,
When we have balanced the principles of life
And earned our place on the timeline of destiny,

When we have paid our dues according to works
And made it worthy that we earn the rewards,
The event occurs in that rightful timely moment
As enshrined in the diary of perpetual now-ness,

For nothing can stop the eventual germination
Of a seed whose time to sprout has come to be,
Whether it be today, tomorrow or years away
It is never a moment earlier or a moment later.

©Oliver Oscar Mbamara – Poems of Freedom (Nov. 2012)
(Inspired by Picture taken by Enoch Feroten titled – On the Pathway This Morning)


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