Investing in Nigeria and Other African Countries: The Security Question

African Leaders-pic-via-xinhuanet

This piece was written and first published in 2002. 16 years later, the points shared herein are still very much applicable today.  We have to build a solid foundation of peace and security of life and property upon which economic and political stability could thrive. It is baffling that our leaders have continued to ignore this obvious equation. Continue reading

Violence or Peace on Earth: “Early/Primitive Man” to the “Advanced” Man of Technology

evolution of the fulani herdsman

Ultimately, with all its comparative conveniences, the “advancement” of technology holds a significant threat to mankind and his environment. In the grand scheme of things, all has meaning with the purpose of driving man to at some point in time rediscover his true self as a peaceful divine being of love. So, while some may continue to spur violence some will choose to seek peace. Continue reading

On False Leaders, False Security, Manipulations in High Places, Power, and The Dawn of Reckoning


“warnings of such impending demise will always be there, tugging and pulling for recognition, but will always be ignored in the euphoria of the false security or false pleasure temporarily afforded by the selfish machinations to stay in power, maintain affluence, score vengeance, or political advantage…..” Continue reading

Calling for Support In The Telling of African Stories Through Film – “We Have A Responsibility To Keep Our Stories Alive For The Future Generation.”

“Africans must rise to the challenge of telling their own stories. There are many African stories to be told, and histories and cultures to be safeguarded through the African perspective. Nollywood offers both a voice for our people and a bed of investment opportunities to be explored and enjoyed.” Continue reading

How To Deal With Propaganda And Misinformation In A Time of Media Influence And Domination

Oliver Oscar Mbamara, Esq, Attorney, filmmaker, Actor, Poet, & Writer

“Be the keeper of your own gate of information. Invest a brief moment of research to verify anything suspicious or outrageous… Every human being has the ability of choice and the faculty of imagination and analysis. That is what makes man a divine creature. One has to be alert and aware to be able to feed on the right stuff.” Continue reading

CAVEAT: Beware of Those Impersonating Others For Fraudulent Purposes:

Beware of Fraudsters

“If someone dangles an opportunity before you on how to make some quick easy money using my name as the attorney, representative, or party, please be informed in advance that it is not true. This may be the case with others whose names may be subject to the same unauthorized abuse like mine, but I can only speak for myself.” Continue reading

The Place of Peace in A Conflicting Universe

“One does not have to seek true peace outside the self for it is inherent in soul, but one certainly has to work to triumph over the challenges of the physical universe in other to rediscover and reconnect with that state of peace which transcends the physical…” Continue reading

YULETIDE – A Season of Love and Celebration

YULETIDE  (Christmas) A Season of Love and Celebration —————————————– In the hearts of many, gladness is rich, As many call on all to share with them Their joy and tales of adventure, Through the year so encountered. In many places,… Continue reading

To Love or To Hate

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To Love or To Hate (We See In Others The Likeness of Us) —————————- There’s nothing to hate but hate itself There’s nothing to fear but fear itself Perhaps nothing to judge but prejudice, Yet there’s always love to conquer… Continue reading

Adieu, Cecil The Lion; Beloved Beauty of The Jungle – A POETIC TRIBUTE

Cecil, The Lion

Adieu, Cecil The Lion; Beloved Beauty of The Jungle (Dedicated to the Zimbabwean Icon, lured and killed by poachers) ————————– Though born to live amidst the brutal jungle You became an icon beloved in the life you led Though from… Continue reading

The Role of Nigerians (Africans) in Diaspora – in Nation Building

“The Nigerian (or African) in Diaspora is expected to deliver by exemplary ways for he can now compare the two worlds. He stands in a better position to apply what would work in effective and progressive nation-building. Anything less would be a disappointment and a betrayal…” Continue reading

Revamping The Nigerian Leadership: Applying What We Know.

Oliver Speaking At Nig Leadrship Event-2010

“While many Nigerians would tend to agree that re-branding maybe a good idea, it would be an exercise in futility, bound to fail if Nigerians would not find the confidence and encouragement to look up to their leaders for good examples…” Continue reading

Ben Bruce And Buhari: Why Nigerians Must Learn From History, If…

Ben Murray Bruce And Muhammadu Buhari

“…the issues raised by Senator Bruce (PDP) for change of the status quo transcend party lines and fall in line with the values upon which President Buhari (APC) ran for election. This provides a common ground for the new administration to work regardless of affiliations.” Continue reading

Exploring Frontiers for a Sustainable Nigeria – The Diaspora Effect.

Oliver Speaks At Leadership Summit - 2012

Being an open paper delivered by Oliver O. Mbamara at the 3rd Annual Nigerian Leadership Summit in New York in 2012.  The News: It is no news that many Nigerians have in recent times been traveling abroad for better opportunities… Continue reading

Nine Brief Points for Nation Building: An Open Paper to All Nigerians

Oliver O. Mbamara Esq.,

If the man that finds himself on the corridors of power and trusted with leadership either by electoral votes or by fate, fails to let his good conscience reign, what then is his value if he lives, acts, and leads like he has no conscience? Continue reading

Responsibility And Accountability From The Top: The kind of Re-branding We Need

Oliver O. Mbamara Esq.,

An open paper by Oliver O. Mbamara  “While many Nigerians would tend to agree that re-branding maybe a good idea, it would be an exercise in futility, bound to fail if Nigerians would not find the confidence and encouragement to… Continue reading

Letter To Our Ancestors

Ancestor - Mbamara Duruojinkeyaeme Ekejiuba

Reply To Mother Africa; A Letter To Our Ancestors ———————————– Dear Mother Africa, and you Ancient Ones, Thank you dearly and greatly for writing again, To ask after us, your beloved children. Truly Mother, since you and the Ancestors left,… Continue reading

Fatherland My Motherland

Fatherland My Motherland (From the Nigerian Within) ———————————— And yes we are called the Nigerians Though differed in tribe and tongue, Yet, in loving strength and faith united, With war in the past and strife at present, We hold strongly… Continue reading

Nigerian Centenary Achievement Award 2014

Oliver Oscar Mbamara in Nigerian traditional attire

Nigeria Centenary USA – NCUSA‘s photo. – October 2 at 8:26pm ·  May I express my gratitude and appreciation to Nigerians and the organizers of the Nigeria Centenary Celebration in USA for considering me worthy of the “Nigeria Centenary Achievement Award.” I… Continue reading

Radioactive Waste, Pollution, & Electromagnetic Exposure

Oliver Oscar Mbamara Esq., award winning filmmaker, actor, writer, poet & Attorney.

Radioactive Waste, Pollution, & Electromagnetic Exposure: A Call For Awareness Programs and Effective Management – by Oliver Oscar Mbamara Interestingly during the recent surge of mobile business in modern developing countries such as in many African countries, telecom companies offered… Continue reading