The Place of Peace in A Conflicting Universe

 “…every now and then, man is given the opportunity to choose between the ascending path of love and purification or the regressive path of the negative and the destructive…”

Rainbow over city Soul and Peace: For ages, in the quest to attain or understand peace, man has often ended up complicating things and getting them entangled perhaps due to the relative nature and variations of peace which could be “worldly,” (built around material attainment and physical comfort), or “divine” (about the blissful inner state of heavenly divine attainment and contentment).

Peace has been defined in various ways by various people. All seem to agree that peace is that state where there is no violence, war, or disturbance.” Yet, such a state is not feasible on earth for it is in the nature of the earth to be conflicted in turmoil at this stage of the evolution of the universe. It is in the nature of the negative force to tempt and drag man down the abyss of hate, violence, and disintegration. Yet it is in the nature of Soul to strive and rise above the fray and gravitate towards a nature and environment of peace because soul is originally a divine creation embodying love and emanating from the ultimate source of love and peace – the heavenly God Kingdom.

 Worldly peace could be attained through compromise, confrontation, or by imposition (forced peace). It could also be attained through satisfaction derived from the attainment of material gains. However, neither kind of worldly peace above is sustainable as they can only be temporary or temporal. Sooner or later, one who “attains” such peace would come to understand it’s fleeting nature. Just as Solomon did when he referred to it all as “vanity upon vanity.” Yet the experience of such peace has its place and serves its purpose. It is part of the lessons for soul in its sojourn on earth, to find a way to live, love, and co-exist despite all odds.

 Divine/Inner/Spiritual peace is the experience of soul rekindling it’s divinity and reawakening to its true nature of divine bliss beyond the realm of the physical. Soul inspired by everyday interactions of life continues to experience flashes of it’s original nature of peace. With detachment from the passions and love of the physical life and worldly peace, one can find inner peace even while on earth. Such peace is not lost by the elimination of the physical body nor by transition from one world to the other as it is tied to the being-ness of soul. One does not have to seek true peace outside the self for it is inherent in soul, but one certainly has to work to triumph over the challenges of the physical universe in other to rediscover and reconnect with that state of peace which transcends the physical. One has to know the self, learn the virtues, recognize one’s purpose in life, and go about living and fulfilling them.

When one truly finds divine/supreme peace, the lack of worldly peace would mean little as such individual is no longer of the world even though he may sojourn in the world. Such peace offers freedom of soul in place of physical limitations, the comprehension of truth in place of illusion, and the resurrection of true-living in place of death. This is only my understanding.


Part Two

Peace on Earth: Early Man Versus Today’s “Advanced” Man 


Bronze Age roundhouse-ByMicromoth “It is part of the lessons for soul in its sojourn on earth, to find a way to live, love, and co-exist despite all odds…”

  The Golden Age (Satya Yuga) in which the Early Man lived was a more peaceful world as the physical  universe was much younger and in the early stages of its cycle. The early-man who inhabited earth then was actually a more contented man who lived a more truthful and peaceful life than the man of today. Yes, he did not have the technological “advancement” of the current age (the Iron Age), but he was more friendly to nature and his environment. As a result his environment was friendly to him in return. That enabled him to live in love, be at peace, and have a longer lifespan. He was more in tune with his true nature as soul which led him to live a life more peaceful than the life of the man of the current age.

 TThis is what bombs do-ByOrtonesque--1200x1250he Iron Age (Kali Yuga): The recognition of the Golden Age and Early Man who lived in that era is not a preference of that era over today’s era. It is however a statement of fact to appreciate why this age, the “Iron Age” is more conflicted. Why mankind is today dealing with so many upheavals, atrocities, violence, strife, and wars than at any other era in history. The physical universe is going through its dwindling age. Interestingly, man in this Iron Age has “advanced” in technology more than at any other time in history but man has also become more distanced from his true nature. This same “advancement” in technology has become a threat to mankind and his environment. Man’s inhumanity to man  is now at unparalleled levels. Deceived by divisive factors such as religion, race, politics, status, or wealth, Man has gradually become a being possessed by power, driven by destruction, heartless with hate, deceived by dogma and misapprehension, and willing to visit unprecedented cruelty on his fellow man and the world around him. It is only a matter of time before the tipping point is reached. The negative force seeks to distract man from his true nature of soul in order to prevent him from recognizing or living as that divine being of love he truly is, and instead make him a debased creature eager to visit evil on all around him and by default on himself as well.

In the face of all the troubles and challenges in today’s world and even the intensified depreciation in quality natural life, man is given the chance to reach within and strive to rise and triumph over the challenges of the times. In the process he gets the opportunity to rediscover his true nature and purpose as soul. The attainment of divine peace is within reach of the one who recognizes the self and nature of soul as a being of love that once existed in a state of bliss and peace in the heavenly kingdom of God.

 Peace On Earth: The search for peace on earth in this age remains a fleeting illusion yet it is important to note that the urge that prompts such seeking is inspired by the yearnings within man to awake to the drums of time and answer the call of soul to return home to the heavenly kingdom where soul once experienced the reign of divine peace. The mind may not know it but soul remembers. In the grand scheme of things, all has meaning with the purpose of driving man to rediscover his true self as a peaceful divine being of love. So, while some may continue to spur violence some will choose to seek peace. What matters is that at some point man comes to the realization to make the better choice between seeking the highest through love and purification or to regress down the path of the negative and the destructive. A person’s state of peace is dependent on that person’s perspective of peace and more importantly, what nature of peace he seeks.

This is only my understanding.


About The Author: Oliver O. Mbamara is a writer, poet, actor, filmmaker, & Attorney. © Jan. 2016 – More on Oliver

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