A New Dawn

Oliver Oscar Mbamara, Esq, Attorney, filmmaker, Actor, Poet, & WriterA New Dawn – (The Best Is Yet To Come)


The dawn of a new era is here
The cheerful sun has risen again
Along with the gift of newness
The hopeful is moving forward
Ascending the throne of triumph
Singing sweet songs of blissful victory

Against all odds to the contrary
Despite the toughness of the test
In spite of the opposition that was
The forecast of defeat is ignored
The threat of doom is overcome
The very courageous matches on

Wiser we are through the journey
Rising above skirmishes of the past
Hopeful in the improvement of things
With the chance to advance as Souls
There’s yet more work to be done
And surely the best is yet to come.

©Oliver Oscar Mbamara – Poems of Freedom
(Inspired by the re-election of US President Barrack Obama for a second term) Nov. 7, 2012


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